Valtra ANTS

A concept for the future

In 2011 Valtra celebrated its 60th anniversary. We used the occasion to peek into the future and unveiled the revolutionary Valtra ANTS concept.

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red dot award 2011

The ANTS concept tractor has won the prestigious red dot design award.

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Did you know?

In autumn 2003 Valtra reached the half million mark for tractors manufactured.

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Valtra 60th Anniversary Event & Future Seminar

26-27 January 2011, Jyväskylä, Finland

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Event videos

Keynote speech
(Martin Richenhagen, AGCO)
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ANTS launch
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Event – Valtra 60 years

On 26 January 2011 Valtra celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Paviljonki exhibition centre in Jyväskylä, Finland. The event was designed to offer a peek into the future of life and farming. Members of the public, press, suppliers and customers were invited to the Future Seminar and a stunning evening gala. The culmination of the event was the introduction of Valtra’s very own vision of the future – the revolutionary ANTS concept.

Valtra range 2011

During this year, Valtra will be unveiling many new things. The purpose of these is to improve operating comfort and productivity. The rapid development of technology benefits tractor owners in many ways, creating new opportunities to save time and effort. Here are some of those opportunities:

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Future Seminar

What will future ANTS look like?

Agriculture Nourishment Technology Sustainability

Valtra’s Future Seminar was held on 26 January 2011. The aim of the seminar was to provide a peek into the future of life and farming. Some of the world’s most distinguished futurologists shared their views and ideas on how we will live and work in the next 60 years.

Topics and speakers

2011 New products


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ANTS concept

red dot award 2011

The ANTS concept tractor has won the prestigious red dot design award. ANTS took victory in the mobility category of the design concept series. Red dot is the largest design competition in the world. In addition to the Valtra ANTS concept tractor, over 3500 entries participated in the design concept series this year.

ANTS concept live

A Valtra ANTS model in 1:5 scale was presented at Valtra’s 60th anniversary celebration in January. The model can be seen at various agricultural exhibitions throughout 2011.

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Videos and more

ANTS animation

ANTS animation

Valtra ANTS isn’t just a tractor. It is a modular platform which can be customized to handle a wide variety of tasks. View this animation to find out how.

The ANTS Story

The ANTS story

The ANTS concept has been built by Valtra’s industrial design team together with Swedish company Lighthaus. Watch this animatoin about the development process.

ANTS for your computer

Future farm concept

The future farm solves many challenges facing us today. The world’s population in 2050 has reached 9 billion. Urbanization and continuing industrialization continue to reduce arable farm land. The future farm is a self-sufficient and sustainable part of its environment. It is an important provider of food, energy, raw materials and services in its region.

Energy required for living and farming is gained from biomatter, wind and solar power. Thanks to advanced communication technology the future farmer has constant access to information about all aspects of farm work, such as soil information, crop growth, animal welfare and the maintenance level of the farm machinery. This information allows many farm processes to be automated. It also means that work can be performed both day and night, further increasing farm efficiency.

ANTS is the perfect machine for the future farm. In true Valtra tradition it offers a high level of modularity and sophistication, allowing the farmer to handle jobs beyond traditional tractor usage.

More about farming in the future Download ANTS brochure (pdf)

Tune my Tractor

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